Thursday, January 26, 2012

I couldn't post last night

We recieved some very sad news. Gerrod's dad, Randy Andresen, had a heart attack and died yesterday.

I am still in shock, poor Gerrod. Just loosing his mom such a short time ago was hard enough, but this now is just so hard.

I saw a boom truck in town yesterday (Gerrod's dad owned as sign company and did work all around here at times) and I looked to see if it was his.

And I thought. What's going to happen to the business when Randy passes? None of the boys will want it.

And then I thought, I need to call them. I need to get a relationship between him and the kids. They should know him.

And he died.

Don't hold back folks. Make those calls, make the effort, and do it now.

Before you are shocked into the what ifs.

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