Sunday, December 30, 2007

Katie challenged us

To list some things for 2007

So here I go

Top 4 2007 Events

1. Spencer Proffitt Andresen born 12-5-2007
2. Jacob Wesley Johnson born 8-05-0-2007
3. Family Trip to Disney world, september 07
4. Slammer Retreat September 2007

Five Favorite meals of 2007
1. Almost eveything at Disney world
2. Pizza in general
3. Loaded Baked potatoe Soup
4. Chinese food
5. Seafood Enchilladas

3 Best Buys of 2007
1. Wii
2. Our Big Screen TV
3. Cricut

Thanks Katie, i may think of more later!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I can't believe it's Christmas!

Well, Almost

Everything here is done, wrapped, and ready to go.

I thought I had food all ready, and then I remembered that my parents are coming here Chrismtas eve, and I need to make snacks. And I have no snacks! So we are going to Gerrod's family Chrismtas thing tomorrow, and I will brave the grocery store for a few minutes to pick up a few things! That's it for me!

Other than that

Spencer is great! He likes to eat now, and is sleeping so well. He is alert though, and he loves to watch TY and Olivia play and the Christmas tree fascinates him! He just stares at it!

Olivia has a double ear infection, poor chicklet. She is on anitbiotics, and is, as of now, sleeping a hundred times better and in a much better mood!

TY is not sick (that is a miracle) and is loving every minute of his brother. Our days are filled with "can I hold Spencer, can I feed him, help with a bath, etc" It is so great!

Gerrod and I are so very thankful this holiday season! We are so very lucky!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We've been here a few days now, and it's been great!

Gerrod has been home with me, which is so completely awesome!

Spencer is learning the ropes here. He hates to have his body washed, but he loves to have his hair washed! Go figure!

He is doing a pretty good job of sleeping. He has some gas issues, so he does much better on his tummy while laying on someone than in his bed. He tried his swing a little tonight too, and he seemed to like it pretty well!

The kids are loving him, Ty especially, Livy still doesn't get it. She does give him hugs and kisses. TY is on cloud nine. He just LOVES him! Wants to hold him, feed him. Asks questions about his day while he is at school! It is wonderful!

I am a very tired mama, but also a very happy one!

I also have to thank all the people who have sent us lovely gifts, phone calls, food, etc. Like our friends the Baldwins who dropped off food and gifts for the kids. Or the McDermott's with food and gifts. Or my wonderful online friends like Jeanne with her outfit and special Scrapbook stuff, or Robin with ehr special Scrapbooks goodies! We are all very lucky, and very thankful!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

We are heading HOME

I am so excited, I can't wait to get there!

My bags are packed, we are just waiting on Daddy and the kidlets with the transportation.

It will be so good to get home. I have missed TY and Olivia so much.

My kid funny for the day is that Olivia decided baby doll needed a bath, in the toliet.

Baby doll had to go bye bye.

She wasn't a washable baby doll.

Olivia was pretty proud though!

Thanks to everyone for following us and thinking good thoughts for us. We all really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Spencer's first day

Went well

Gerrod went home with the camera, so there are no new pictures.

Because of my friend Katie, his nickname in NICU is Zorro. She really wanted us to name him that.

His Blood sugars are great, his Temp is doing good on it's own

We are watching for Jaundice.

My BP isn't the best, and I am in some pain. BUT I am up, dressed, and blogging!

Heading out in a few to feed the man!

Thanks for thinking about us!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well here he is!

Well, he's huge, that's for sure
8 pounds 7 ounces
20 inches long
And his name is
Spencer Proffitt Andresen





Water broken


About 6 wires in various places


Being at a 6


I think I will try and rest now.


Well this is it

I am hoping so

We have the monitors on

The bag of pitocin is sitting here.

the nurse should be back shortly, yeah


So here is a picture of me

Gerrod knows all this stuff

My first post

is from a hospital bed waiting to be induced.

I am nervous, and a little scared, even though I have done this before.

Gerrod is reading a book, and acting all calm and stuff.

I wish I could do that!

Here's to hoping we start this whole thing soon!!!